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Shaun Martin

Game Developer, Art Lead, 3D Generalist

I've been making games since I had paper to draw on.

15 years of experience in PC, Console, and Mobile game development. I have worked across multiple disciplines and on many different projects. I have managed teams large and small, alongside colleagues I have loved working with. 

Art Director - Able to create the right art style for any project, and excited to work in new genres. Managed artist on multiple projects. Responsible for training junior artists.

Prototype Lead - Tasked with finding new game experiences, and iterating on existing ones with a focus on User Experience and Game Feel.

Unity Specialist, Principal Artist - Tackling 2D and 3D art, VFX and animation. Able to creating pipelines for other artists, build tools, and helping others learn. 


Prototype Development       Animation       User Interface

Concept Art          3D Modeling          Lighting     VFX & UX

World Building       Art Direction       Team Leadership

Software Proficiency

Unity                                   Photoshop

3dsmax                              After Effects

Blender                              ZBrush

Substance Painter             Unreal Engine

Git                                      C#

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