Big Huge Games                                                                                    (2013 –Present)
Senior Artist – Dominations
• Lead Unit Artist, creating the troop art pipeline which included modeling, texture style, render style, animations, and icon paint-overs.
Planned and developing tools for rendering out sprite sheets that included team color in an alpha texture shader.
Responsible for majority of in world particle effects.
• Trained multiple artist up on style, tools, and Unity development.
• Marketing video work and in game sound design
Impossible Studios – Epic Games                                         (March 2012-2013)
Senior Environment Artist – Infinity Blade: Dungeons
• Created Unreal Engine quality environments for iOS, succesfully optimized for Iphone4.
• In depth experience with mobile lighting, cinematics, and work on 3D menus and world maps.
Big Huge Games\38 Studios                                                          (2005 –2012)
Senior Environment Artist – Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning   (2009-2012)
• Principal Artist responsible for the dungeons of Reckoning, created a majority of assets single-handedly.
• Created the modular systems for the dungeon, working closely with design departments to make pieces that were easy to use for anyone and that worked with space and gameplay metrics.
• Worked with level designers to hit a visual quality bar throughout all 140+ dungeons in the game, teaching them the use of dungeon assets and lighting techniques.
Project Art Director - Unannounced Wii Title  (2007-2009)
• Directed a team of 8 artists to create the look and feel of a humorous and stylistically appealing simulation game intended for the Nintendo Wii.
• Worked with a focus on design, creating previs animations to clearly illustrate ideas and pushed a team to iterate quickly in implementing potential designs.
Lead Building Artist - Age of Empires III: Asian Dynasties  (2007)
• Learned proprietary engine tools from Ensemble studios in a short period of time.
• Personally created all the home cities and many of the buildings for the expansion.
General Artist – Catan  (2006-2007)
Animator/General Artist - Rise of Legends  (2005-2006)


Other Experience
• The Adventures of Super 3: comics and animated episodes used in teaching literacy to grades K-2
• Part time teaching experience at Maryland Institute College of Art - Baltimore, MD
• Photoshop, 3DSmax, Zbrush, Unity, Unreal Engine 3, Adobe Premiere, Adobe AfterFX, Visual Studios, Monodevelop, Git/Sourcetree, proprietary Big Huge Engine tools
• Art direction, team management, high and lowpoly modeling, high fidelity and stylized texturing, animation, concept, lighting, cinematics, level design, world building, minor scripting and coding


• Maryland Institute College of Art, Graduated 2005
General Fine Arts major with concentration in Animation, Magna Cum Laude